The Third Society (2000)

This is the first "screener" I've ever received to review - I must have hit the big time if people are actually sending me movies to make comments about! I guess this film sits in the "girls and guns" part of GGG - it's not quite the normal fare I would watch but I'm happy to pop a review in.

Tough-girl "Jones" works for the NYPD - she takes out villians with ease, rides a mean motorbike, is a crack shot and a top kickboxer. We see her training in unknown asian countries for the hard tasks ahead. What has made her this way? Years ago, an Asian kingpin called "The Dragon" killed her mother and father (undercover cops) and her and her sister Erica were put on the witness protection program. But while Erica grew into a high-tech computer programmer, Jones became a self-made warrior. When Jones busts the drug-lord's millions and has them transferred into FBI hands (lots of crooks die in the process), more of the Dragon's cohorts kidnap Erica and have her transfer it back. This process will take 24 hours, after which she'll be killed. So, Jones then has 24 hours to save her sister from the evil Dragon. With the help of a bumbling FBI agent, will she prevail? Will the murder of her parents be avenged?

This film is best viewed with six-pack of beer and a pizza, and a certain suspension of disbelief. You don't watch them to try to understand the nuances of the human condition. It's gunplay and feet being embedded in faces that you're after. It's obvious there were budgetary problems with the flick as there are long scenes of padding, especially the helicopter rides we take at certain plot-points. Other aspects of the production, however, make up for it. J.A. Steel as Jones is a convincing tough-girl and suits the female Rambo role. Her sister Erica is quite an amusing comic presence and could probably entertain in other films, given the right script. Other characters are fairly incidental but the evil "Dragon" puts his all into the standard black-hearted villian role.

Some of the film is shot quite well, given the low budgets involved. There's a nice clarity there, almost a music video (I mean that in a nice way) feel to it. The heavy rock soundtrack suits what the director is trying to achieve - we're talking fun, not 'Long day's journey into night.' I wonder what J.A. Steel will come up with next? I'm sure there's lots more teeth to be kicked out of stuntmen's mooshes. Maybe "Jones" will up her armoury somewhat and really go Arnie on some bad guys.

Do I recommend "The Third Society" to the average Girls, Guns and Ghoulser? Not really, unless you feel like a change in diet from the average wacko fare us types are into. But, give it a look if the booze is flowing and you don't want to think too much between the bites of pizza.

© Boris Lugosi 2002.


Review written: 11/10/2002 13:09:00